The Cambridge Math Circle was established in 2018 by math and physics PhD's with a combined 40 years of teaching experience at K-12, undergraduate and graduate levels, to give elementary and middle school students in Cambridge and surrounding towns a chance to experience deep, fascinating math and meet others who like solving puzzles and stretching their minds.

CMC aims to serve all students, with a special focus on those who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields.


What we do

As of March 2020, our instruction is exclusively online. In Spring 2020, we offered a variety of math circles online -- ones accessible to any student in grades 1-8, which had a cost, as well as free circles for residents of Cambridge, MA, both citywide and for students at certain schools. We served approximately 140-150 students each week in about 15 sessions each week. 

In the summer of 2020, we are offering a number of camp sessions to fit the needs of families: we have camps lasting 1, 2 and 3 weeks. There are also two types of camps: one that is more extensive, and has 3 meetings of 3 hours each week, and another that meets twice a week for 45 minutes, with an online system students can use between classes to "play math." To learn more and pre-register for camp, see the following: https://forms.gle/GQ4iPXZ7LWY7uQ8Z8 There are a few spots available for the late-July and early August sessions.

In The


Summer 2020

We have switched to online instruction for our summer camps. Register now while there are still open spots!

New Resources

We have new curriculum and a variety of fun virtual games students play against each other or against their teachers.

Our Staff

  • Nataliya Yufa received her bachelor’s degrees from MIT in mathematics and physics, followed by a PhD in physics from the University of Chicago. It was in Chicago that she started teaching, working with people of all ages -- school children, undergraduates, and adults. She served three years as a teacher/director of STEM afterschool programs within the Chicago Public Schools, and one year in Houston. These experiences inspired Nataliya to become a full-time math educator, following work as a math education researcher. Since then, Nataliya has taught math at several Boston-area schools, including co-teaching the CSUS math club. She has an M.Ed. from Lesley University in Math Education. 

  • Mira Bernstein received her PhD in math from Harvard University, taught at Wellesley College for ten years, and then left academia to pursue her dual interests in data science and math enrichment education. She runs Canada/USA Mathcamp, an international summer program for mathematically talented high-school students, and helped found Proof School, a school for kids who love math in San Francisco. Her work at a summer math program for underserved middle-school students was featured in the New York Times. Mira’s experience with older students has convinced her of the importance of creating STEM pathways for underserved students, starting in elementary school. She lives in Cambridge and is excited for this opportunity to contribute to her city’s community.

  • Laura Pierson is a Harvard undergraduate studying Mathematics. Laura has many years of experience teaching mathematics to young people. She has taught at Girl's Angle, as well as the Canada/USA Math Camp. Laura is an exceptionally strong mathematician, as well! 

  • Siva Muthupalaniappan is a Harvard undergraduate studying Mathematics. Not only is Siva extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all kind of math, he also has a really friendly way of working with students of all ages, from 1st graders all the way to middle schoolers.

  • Sophie Woodward is a Harvard undergraduate studying Mathematics. Sophie loves working with kids and they respond in kind!

  • Sasha Brownsberger is a Harvard graduate student working in Physics. Sasha has many years of teaching experience under his belt. He loves working with kids and solving new problems, when not working on his astrophysics research.

  • Noah Olsman is a postdoc at the Harvard Medical School. Noah has taught enrichment mathematics in California, prior to moving to Cambridge. Noah delights in pushing student thinking by exposing them to new problems.

  • Emanuele Leoncini is a postdoc at the Harvard Medical School. Emanuele has joined The Cambridge Math Circle in spring of 2020. He enjoys delving deep into the topics we are studying with students, as well as coming up with interesting problems for students to work on.

  • Another dozen instructors are joining us for the summer camps. We love working with such a distinguished, knowledgeable and down-to-earth group!

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