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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cambridge Math Circle?


The Boston area is home to many companies and universities that need people with strong reasoning skills, who are not afraid to tackle challenging problems that involve mathematics. While some US students have access to math clubs where they build their problem solving skills, finding such a place in Cambridge for school children hasn't been easy. This is why we have created the Cambridge Math Circle.


Is this only for kids who do great at school math?

We work on skills that use school math to solve complex problems. We find that both kids who excel at school math and those who struggle enjoy this kind of challenge.  

Do the classes cost money?

The classes have a fee ($25 per class). We understand that every family's circumstances are different, so if your family needs financial assistance, please let us know on the registration form. If you can afford to give something to help another child get math enrichment, we would greatly appreciate it. The Cambridge Math Circle is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

Is this Russian math?

Math circles come from the Russian mathematical tradition. They are not a replacement for school mathematics, but they require the use of school mathematics. The goal is for students to have fun and experience the beauty of mathematics, while improving their problem-solving skills.

Where do you have classes?

In 2018-19 school year, we ran circles at Haggerty Elementary and Putnam Avenue Upper School, Collins Public Library, as well as BB&N and at Harvard. In 2019-20, we're teaching at the Cambridge Community Center, Collins Public Library, Haggerty Elementary, BB&N and Harvard. We are working on adding classes at Vassal Lane and Rindge Ave upper schools, and potentially continuing at Putnam Avenue. We need funding to make all of these classes take place! Please consider donating and/or spreading the word. 

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