Our Staff


Adam Dionne


Teacher (he/him)

Adam Dionne (he/him) is a graduate student in applied physics at Harvard University. He majored in math and physics while at Williams college, along with being a teaching assistant for several courses. Adam loves puzzles and problem solving, and in his free time likes to climb.

Alper Tezcan


Teacher (he/him)

Alper Tezcan (he/him) is a first-year student at École Polytechnique in France, studying Mathematics and Physics. Physics is his passion — he got involved in research and competitive physics. He also likes to discover and talk about different topics, concepts, or stories. He finds every class environment impressive and inspiring, starting from his very first teaching/mentoring experience with high school students preparing for international physics olympiads to his current classes at CMC. In his spare time, he sometimes plays video games and table tennis. He enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and fencing.

Avery Wang


Teacher (he/him)

Avery Wang (he/him) is a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis, where he plans to study mathematics with a minor in chemistry. In high school, he attended the Commonwealth School in Boston, MA, where he was a co-captain of the Math Team during his senior year and competed in many different math competitions, including the AMC (American Mathematics Competition) and HMMT (Harvard-MIT Math Tournament). He has always loved working with kids, and has worked with CMC for almost a year. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, playing piano, and taking long naps.

Bengüsu Nar

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-23 at 3.27.14 PM - Bengüsu Nar.jpeg

Teacher (she/her)

Bengusu (she/her) is a data science and economics student at Bocconi University in Italy. She has been teaching at CMC since 2020. She attended Canada/USA Mathcamp twice, (2019 and 2020). Su's favorite math topics include number theory and statistics. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, exercising and solving puzzles.

Camila De Valencia

Camila de Valencia.HEIC

Teacher (she/her)

Camila De Valencia (she/her) is a sophomore at Cornell University, where she is studying Human Biology, Health, and Society with a minor in Spanish. She loves to teach and is currently also a general chemistry teaching assistant. She loves working with kids and seeing how much they enjoy the work they do in class. In her free time, Camila likes to run, swim, read, and bake. Fun fact: her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.

Cathy Stanton

Cathy Stanton.heic

Teacher (she/her)

Cathy Stanton (she/her) is a first-year student at Harvard University, thinking of studying math and computer science. She started tutoring students from her K-12 school district in math when the pandemic disrupted in-person learning. She loves being able to help students see the connections between math and their other interests. Cathy is very involved with the arts: She plays clarinet in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and is working on an archival project for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In her free time, Cathy enjoys running, coding, and baking.

Charley Cheng

Charley Cheng.jpeg

Teacher (he/him)

Charley Cheng is a senior at Middleton High School located in Tampa, Florida. He went to Mathcamp in 2021 and his favorite subject is combinatorics. His hobbies include guitar, swimming, and playing 4-player chess.

Cody Uman

Cody Uman.png

Teacher (they/them)

Cody is an undergraduate mathematics student at Yale University. Their other academic interests include history and foreign languages. Cody fell in love with math in 6th grade, when they had an amazing teacher who showed them new ways to look at math. They joined Cambridge Math Circle to try to have the same effect on other young students. Outside of academics, Cody enjoys origami, running, biking, and playing trombone.

Edward Athaide

Edward Athaide_edited.jpg

Teacher (he/him)

Edward Athaide (he/him) is an incoming physics PhD student at UCLA. Originally from Houston, Texas, he completed his undergraduate study in applied mathematics at Harvard. After helping teach math in Houston public school classrooms and in several courses in the Harvard math department, he is excited to share his enthusiasm for math at Cambridge Math Circle!

Eleni Persinger


Teacher (she/her)

Eleni Persinger (she/her) is a senior in high school from Michigan. She loves teaching and learning more about math. She went to Canada/USA Mathcamp 2020 and 21, and thinking about geometry in higher dimensions is one of her favorite parts of math. In her free time, Eleni loves to play the violin, fold origami, crochet, collect coins, do woodworking, bake, and play golf. Eleni has two cats that always walk in front of her camera during Zoom calls!

Emma Greaves

Emma_Greaves (1).jpeg

Teacher (she/her)

Emma Greaves (she/her) is a third-year undergraduate student at Harvard College, where she studies Biomedical Sciences and Engineering and Computer Science. Originally hailing from Northeastern Massachusetts, she's had the pleasure of teaching and tutoring students in Math and Science since high school. She loves witnessing the "Ah-ha moment" and helping others reach their full potential. In her free time, she talks about classical music on Harvard student radio, runs around Cambridge, or spends time with her friends.

Grace Chen

Grace Chen.png

Teacher (she/her)

Grace Chen (she/her) is a first-year Applied Physics graduate student at Harvard University, studying experimental condensed matter physics. She grew up in Wisconsin and completed her undergrad at the University of Chicago, so this is her first time living by the ocean! She loves math because it provides physicists with such an elegant way of describing and understanding the universe around us. In her spare time, she enjoys baking muffins and cakes (and eating them) and reading fantasy novels.

Grace Zhang


Teacher (she/her)

Grace Zhang (she/her) is a first-year student at MIT, where she plans on studying a combination of mathematics, computer science, and neuroscience. In high school, she competed in many math contests, started her school’s Mu Alpha Theta chapter, and attended Canada/USA Mathcamp twice. Originally from Colorado, Grace loves being outdoors, especially with her dog (!), and also enjoys playing violin, doodling, and baking in her free time. Fun fact: she absolutely adores Snoopy!

Ilaria Seidel

Ilaria Seidel.png

Teacher (she/her)

Ilaria Seidel (she/her) is a first-year at Harvard College. She loves math and is excited to share her enthusiasm with the CMC students!

Jasmine Huang

DSC_0894_Original - Jasmine Huang.jpg

Teacher (she/her)

Jasmine is a senior at Harvard studying Math with a secondary in Computer Science. She designs and codes for Datamatch, and she's also part of the Financial Analysts Club. In her spare time, she likes to do Chinese folk dance, try out new recipes, and collect breadtags. If you find her in class and give her a breadtag, she'll give you a yummy treat!

Jinho Park

IMG_0978 - Jinho Park.JPG

Teacher (he/him)

Jinho Park (he/him) is currently an undergraduate student at Harvard. He was born in Ithaca, NY, and spent many years in Ithaca both as a student and teacher in mathematical communities. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, reading poetry, and encouraging more people to use the word "lovely."

Julia Woodward

Julia Woodward.png

Teacher (she/her)

Julia Woodward (she/her) is from Highland Park, New Jersey, and is currently a sophomore at Amherst College, MA. Julia is a math and prospective physics major, but really enjoys all areas of science and applied math. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing students help each other understand difficult problems (and hearing their well-thought-out explanations!). Her favorite area of math is abstract algebra and logic puzzles/proofs. In her free time, she plays piano, helps out as a teaching assistant, and calls her sister Sophie (also a teacher at CMC).

Laura Pierson

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 5.35.36 PM - Laura Pierson.png

Teacher (she/her)

Laura has a bachelor's in applied math and master's in education from Harvard. She currently spends most of her time teaching classes for Art of Problem Solving and various math clubs, including Girls' Angle and the Berkeley Math Circle. She loves seeing students get excited about interesting math problems or mathy games and puzzles. She spends most of her free time right now doing artsy things like oil painting and modular origami, solving puzzles of all sorts, and drinking lots of coffee.

Lauren Wheelock

Lauren Wheelock.jpeg

Teacher (she/her)

Lauren Wheelock (she/her) machine learning scientist at Dyno Therapeutics, with a PhD from MIT in operations research and a BS from Yale in math. In high school, she was a three-time mathcamper and participated in AMC, AIME, and USAMTS competitions. She has tutored and taught math and data science to students from elementary school through the MBA and PhD levels, and is excited to share her passion for the subject with students in Cambridge! She lives with her wife, a physician who studies infectious diseases among migrants, and her 1-year-old son, who loves bubbles about as much as anyone can love anything.

Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson.heic

Teacher (he/him)

Luke is a junior at Harvard studying math. He's also interested in neuroscience and philosophy, but math became his favorite subject once he entered college because he was introduced to proofs. Outside of school stuff, he enjoys playing saxophone and snare in the band, being really good at video games, and telling bad jokes.

Maya Mau

Maya Mau.png

Teacher (she/her)

Maya Mau (she/her) is from New York, NY and is currently studying in Ithaca, NY where she is studying industrial and labor relations at Cornell University. Her favorite aspect of teaching math is seeing how happy her students are when they understand a new concept. Her favorite mathematical concept is statistical significance tests because it is cool when math can provide answers about other areas of life. In her free time, she does research for professors at Cornell Law School and the University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law. Fun fact: her favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough!

Michelle Liu

Michelle Liu.png

Teacher (she/her)

Michelle Liu (she/her) is a sophomore at Brown University, where she studies applied mathematics and computer science. She loves teaching and has taught at multiple math summer camps and programs since 8th grade. Michelle has also been to Canada/USA Mathcamp three times! In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, aerial silks, board games, and piano.

Minkai Li

DDAD4EC6-EC2F-4EF9-B9CB-6C627189A9E7 - Minkai Li.jpeg

Teacher (he/him)

Minkai is a freshman at Harvard studying math. Math his always been one of his favorite things to do, and he is excited to share this love with students at CMC!

Mira Bernstein

Mira Bernstein.png

Co-Founder (she/her)

Mira received her PhD in math from Harvard University, taught at Wellesley College for ten years, and then left academia to pursue her dual interests in data science and math enrichment education. She runs Canada/USA Mathcamp, an international summer program for mathematically talented high-school students, and helped found Proof School, a school for kids who love math in San Francisco. Her work at a summer math program for underserved middle-school students was featured in the New York Times. Mira’s experience with older students has convinced her of the importance of creating STEM pathways for underserved students, starting in elementary school. She lives in Cambridge and is excited for this opportunity to contribute to her city’s community.

Natali Gogishvili

Natali Gogishvili.png

Teacher (she/her)

Natali Gogishvili (she/her) is from Tbilisi, Georgia and is currently in Palaiseau, France, studying mathematics and computer science with a minor in biology at École Polytechnique. She has been teaching for a long time now. Her favorite aspect of teaching is seeing her students being excited about new math problems. She has been to Canada/USA Mathcamp one time as a camper and second time as a staff member. Her favorite type of math is combinatorics and set theory and she especially enjoys teaching combinatorics at CMC! In her spare time, she loves coding, dancing, and playing with her cat.

Nataliya Yufa

Nataliya Yufa.png

Co-Founder (she/her)

Nataliya received her bachelor’s degrees from MIT in mathematics and physics, followed by a PhD in physics from the University of Chicago. It was in Chicago that she started teaching, working with people of all ages -- school children, undergraduates, and adults. She served three years as a teacher/director of STEM afterschool programs within the Chicago Public Schools, and one year in Houston. These experiences inspired Nataliya to become a full-time math educator, following work as a math education researcher. Since then, Nataliya has taught math at several Boston-area schools, including co-teaching the CSUS math club. She has an M.Ed. from Lesley University in Math Education.

Penny Orwant

Penny Orwant.png

Teacher (she/her)

Penny is a high school senior at Commonwealth School in Back Bay, Boston. She plans on studying math and computer science, but also has interests in English, foreign language, and science. She originally grew to enjoy math through extracurricular classes, and is thrilled to now teach interesting math outside of the typical curriculum. Her favorite teaching moments are when students discover a new way of looking at a problem and arrive at a unique conclusion. Other than teaching and academics, Penny loves painting, drawing, watching mediocre television, and playing piano and flute.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green.jpeg

Teacher (she/her)

Rachel Green (she/her) is from Long Island, NY and is currently studying in Ithaca, NY, at the Industrial and Labor Relations School of Cornell University. She loves teaching math and has loved working with kids since she started teaching her brothers at a young age. Math is her favorite subject, especially derivatives because she finds it challenging but still fun! In her free time, she loves to paint, bake, and volunteers for the Cornell ILR ambassador program. Fun fact: her favorite vacation spot is Lake Placid, NY!

Roy Long

Roy Long.png

Teacher (he/him)

Roy is a second year student at the University of Chicago, where he studies a combination of math, economics, and computer science. Roy’s love for mathematics began in elementary school when he attended a local math circle at a friend’s house, as well as Euler Circle in high school. He is an alumni of Canada/USA Mathcamp and HCSSiM. Roy became interested in teaching mathematics after attending HCSSiM, where he experienced both teaching and collaboratively learning with his peers. He's now excited to return to teach at math circles and work with younger students. In his spare time, Roy likes playing the claroynet, reading books, running, writing poetry, and watching anime.

Ruth Steinhouse

Ruth Steinhouse.heic

Teacher (she/her)

Ruth Steinhouse is from Evanston, IL. Currently, she is a junior at Cornell University studying Global Public Health Sciences with minors in Inequality Studies and Healthcare Policy. Growing up math was always her favorite subject in school. She loves teaching for CMC to help other students develop their passion for mathematics. She also volunteered as a peer math tutor in high school. In her free time you can find her doing global nutrition research with the Mehta Research Group in Cornell College of Human Ecology, knitting, baking, watching reality tv or working with youth in the Tompkins County through Cornell Y.O.U.R.S mentorship program!


Diana Shklover

Teacher (she/her)

Diana is a high school student studying mathematics and computer science. She has been to Canada/USA Mathcamp twice. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking.

Elijah Nudell-Cook.jpg

Elijah Nudell-Cook

Teacher (he/him)

Elijah Nudell-Cook (he/him) is a sophomore at Emory University majoring in Chemistry. He loves working with kids and has always loved teaching them about fascinating topics in math. Math has always held a lot of fascination for him because of the natural elegance of it. In his free time he loves playing guitar, cooking, and working out (not necessarily in that order). 

Emanuele Leoncini.png

Emanuele Leoncini

Teacher (he/him)

Emanuele is a postdoc at Harvard University, working at the interface between quantitative biology and applied mathematics. He went to college at Università degli Studi di Firenze, where he also obtained a MSc in Applied Math. He then moved to Paris (France), where he obtained first a MSc at Université Paris VI and subsequently a PhD from École Polytechnique both on Applied Math to Biology. He has always been passionate about teaching, and has been teaching math since his early years in college. In his spare time, Emanuele likes playing and producing music with his band, swimming, and traveling.

Jonathan Zhang.png

Jonathan Zhang

Teacher (he/him)

Jonathan is a current undergraduate student studying at MIT. He participated in many different math related activities in high school and enjoys solving problems in strategic, yet creative ways. He loves working with kids and is happy to teach them how to tackle any kinds of different problems. In his spare time Jonathan loves to play sports and make music. Fun fact: Jonathan also participated in a math circle when he was little and really enjoyed the experience, so he started teaching to spread the passion that his teachers gave to him.

Kat Zhou.png

Kat Zhou

Teacher (she/they)

Kat received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Harvard College, before pursuing her passion for theatrical design at Boston University, where she received her MFA. Since high school, they have been sharing their love of problem-solving by teaching math to students all ages. She is deeply committed to educational equity and strongly believes that math is for everybody.


Lili Wilson

Teacher (she/her)

Lili is a senior at Hunter College High School in New York City. She is an active member of her school’s math team, as well as captain of the math modeling club and robotics team. She will be studying computer science at MIT next school year. In her spare time, Lili can be found building robots, designing apps, and participating in programming competitions. She also loves playing ultimate frisbee and doing puzzles like SET, crosswords, and the New York Times Spelling Bee. Lili’s passion for math began in elementary school, and has only grown since then. She can’t wait to share mathematical discoveries with her students, and hopes to help everyone find some kind of joy in problem solving with math.

Noah Olsman.png

Noah Olsman

Teacher (he/him)

Noah is a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Systems Biology, where he studies biological engineering. He received his PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems from the California Institute of Technology. He has previously worked with Math Academy where he taught a class on communication and information theory to accelerated middle-school students, as well doing one-on-one tutoring for a variety of math courses at the high school and college level. In his spare time, he enjoys puzzle competitions, American folk and blues music, and reading about the history of science.

Phoebe Lin.png

Phoebe Lin

Teacher (she/her)

Phoebe is a first year student at MIT exploring math, music, and atmospheric sciences. Before college, Phoebe participated in contests such as the AMC and Math Prize for Girls, served as an officer of her school’s math club, and went to Canada/USA Mathcamp, and she is excited to share what she’s learned with younger students! In her free time, you can find Phoebe weather forecasting, watching figure skating, or playing the flute in the MIT Symphony Orchestra.

Poonam Sahoo.png

Poonam Sahoo

Teacher (she/her)

Poonam is a high school senior at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. She is a five-time AIME qualifier and received an Honorable Mention and Bronze Medal at the Math Prize for Girls and Math Prize for Girls Olympiad, respectively. She attended the PROMYS program in 2018 and 2019 as well as Canada/USA Mathcamp in 2020. In her spare time, Poonam enjoys baking bread, writing, and calligraphy.

Rishi Verma.png

Rishi Verma

Teacher (he/him)

Rishi is a senior at Sycamore High School, and he plans to double major in math and computer science in college. He spent two summers as a camper at Canada/USA Mathcamp, and he enjoys studying topology and combinatorics. He has competed twice in the National MATHCOUNTS competition and twice in the USAJMO math olympiad. In his free time, Rishi enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, playing card games, and puzzling. 

Sarah Gleghorn.png

Saraj Gleghorn

Teacher (she/her)

Sarah Gleghorn (she/her) is an undergraduate mathematics student at Cambridge University UK. She enjoys learning about pure mathematics, particularly algebra and logic. During her school years, she took part in many mathematical olympiads with UKMT and attended Canada/USA Mathcamp. Nowadays she enjoys teaching at CMC as she gets to see others experience the joy of solving challenging problems. Outside of mathematics, she enjoys cooking and playing ultimate frisbee.


Sasha Robert Brownsberger

Teacher (he/him)

Sasha Brownsberger (he/him) is a graduate student at Harvard University, where he studies astrophysics and cosmology.  Sasha has always been an enthusiastic teacher, from elementary arithmetic to graduate cosmology.  He loves science and math, and hopes to make both more accessible to everyone (children and adults alike).  Sasha’s astrophysics research focuses on the ‘dark sector’ of cosmology, working to use both instrumentation and data science to understand the detailed evolution of our Universe.  When focusing on more Earthly pursuits, Sasha is a passionate runner and climber, and loves to play Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

Scott Luro.png

Scott Luro

Teacher (he/him)

Scott is a PhD student at Harvard Medical School studying systems biology. He has experience teaching extracurricular science to middle school students and joined The Cambridge Math Circle during the Fall of 2020. He enjoys seeing kids work together to solve challenging and exciting math problems.

Sophie Woodward.png

Sophie Woodward

Teacher (she/her)

Sophie Woodward (she/her) is from Highland Park NJ and is currently a senior at Harvard College. She studies statistics and math, and hopes to pursue postgraduate study in biostatistics starting in Fall 2022. Her favorite part of teaching is the process of discovery and exploration with her students, and hearing the brilliant questions they ask! In her free time, she researches with the Dominici lab at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, works as a course assistant, likes to run, and calls her sister Julia (also a teacher at CMC).