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Our kid loves CMC and is excited to go to class each week. The CMC team is great and brings a fun and different perspective to math.

Parent of a 2nd-grader at the MLK school 

The math circle creates a fun environment while teaching complex concepts of math. It is my daughter's favorite weekend activity and it helped her to become more confident as well. We feel fortunate to found this place.

Parent of a 2nd-grader at the MLK school 

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, because that's when we have the club.

3rd grader, Haggerty Elementary

Can we do this every day?

4th grader, Haggerty Elementary

The camp wasn't just the best math ever, it was the best thing ever!

5th grader, CMC camp participant

The best part was making social connections and having people value my child's thinking and learning. This club was fun, not stressful, and prompted growth in independence in thinking and confidence.

Putnam Avenue Upper School parent

My daughter comes alive at the prospect of another session at the Cambridge Math Circle. She is a very curious child and this program satisfies that need in a gamified and rewarding way.

Parent of a 1st-grader at the MLK school

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